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Waikiki Oro Gold Cosmetics Stores

Hawaiian Newspaper Raves about Oro Gold Cosmetic Stores

Waikiki Oro Gold Cosmetics StoresOrogold Cosmetics has an international presence with over 100 stores across the globe. After opening a store in Waikiki, a Hawaiian Newspaper The Star Adviser wrote an article in their “Fashion Tribe” section about the Oro Gold Cosmetics Stores. Find out what The Star Adviser has to say about the luxurious store by reading an excerpt from the article below:

Beauty spot: Orogold a Waikiki hit
February 19th, 2013
By Nadine Kam

“Ten months after opening its first outpost in the Outrigger Reef Hotel in Waikiki, Orogold has opened its second boutique, this time at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, celebrating with a grand opening that took place Feb. 15. And come April, the company will be opening at a location on Front Street in Lahaina, Maui.

That’s pretty fast, but understandable in a place where excessive sun and the need for skincare go hand in hand, and there are countless tourists willing to try something new. In this case, creams and serums infused with 24K gold, with prices expectedly on the high end.

Gold has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are said improve circulation and speed up healing, though its skincare benefits are inconclusive. Any skin improvement is more likely to come from the various cream and serum formulations…”

Read the full article here.

Oro Gold Cosmetics Stores offer a truly luxurious experience to its patrons. Oro gold products are also sold online, providing everyone with the opportunity to capitalize on the amazing rejuvenating results that 24 karat gold skin care products offer.

makeup oro gold reviews

Oro Gold Reviews Makeup Must Haves

makeup oro gold reviewsMany women have a similar problem: an overabundance of makeup products and no real sense as to their true usefulness and application. That’s when it’s time to go back to basics and examine the essential of a flawless look. Start by choosing a well-trusted cosmetics company like Oro Gold Products for the best products available. Oro Gold Reviews numerous make up tips.

● Foundation – Find your best foundation shade. Try the Oro Gold store a cosmetic counter to help determine your perfect match. If on your own, try swiping a few colors vertically across your jawline, and whichever one is barely visible is your best bet. After cleansing and moisturizing, apply the foundation with your fingers or a sponge. Dab the foundation onto the areas that need it most (dark circles, uneven spots, ruddy cheeks) and blend gently.
● Concealer – Concealer is the only way to hide dark circles. Even though it’s a temporary fix, with the right technique, it can completely hide the dark circles under the eyes. Using the ring finger, apply a non-greasy eye cream and dab gently under the eyes until well blended. Apply light pressure, but not too hard as to not completely rub off the product.
● Blush – The key to blush is to use a shade that makes you appear to be slightly blushing, not wearing blush. For a natural look, start with lighter shades and skip the shimmery ones. Use a blush brush to swipe a small amount across the apples of your cheeks (the part that shows when you smile). If you can clearly see where the blush starts and ends, you’ve used too much or the color is too dark.
● Mascara – Mascara thickens as it is exposed to air over time. If yours is clumpy, get rid of it or switch brands. For great cosmetics, try Oro Gold Products. If you choose, curl lashes first before mascara. Lashes naturally grow outward instead of upward, so a curler is a good idea. To properly apply mascara, press the mascara wand against the lashes, avoiding the lids. As you move the wand up toward the tips of the lashes, wiggle it gently in a zigzag motion to ensure you get every lash.
Eyeliner – Use a soft pencil that glides on without any pressure or tugging and look for products labeled ophthalmologist-tested. Line top and bottom lids, or choose a dark eyeshadow color to line the upper lid.
● Highlighter – A slightly shimmery cream highlighter has many purposes, including giving the illusion of a slimmer nose, sculpted cheekbones, and lifted eyebrows. Trace a thin line down the bone of the nose and then blend for a visually slender nose, or blend highlighter across the tops of the cheeks (above the blush) then blend to make the cheeks pop.
● Lipstick – Chapped lips should be taken care of before any lipstick is applied. Try wearing a lip balm to bed and wake up with soft, kissable lips. For a natural look, find a nude shade that makes the bare face stand out. Check out Oro Gold Cosmetics for a variety of trendy lipstick shades.
● Eyeshadow – Some eyeshadows barely show up and others are much too dark. For the perfect eyeshadow for everyday use, a simple rule of thumb is to pick a shade that is slightly darker than your skin tone–soft plum or light brown for darker complexions, taupey-gray or golden beige for medium skin tones, and a light apricot for fair skin. To apply, use a soft eyeshadow brush to sweep color across lids, blending into and just above the creases. Use light, feathery strokes to blend.

In addition to these makeup must-haves, investing in a good brush set is a good idea. Remember to properly clean your makeup brushes to keep bacteria at bay and colors looking fresh. You can find cleaners at cosmetic or department stores, or try a gentle soap, like baby shampoo to soak your brushes. The Oro Gold store is a good place to find all of your essentials of makeup.

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Oro Gold Reviews Hair Problems and Helpful Tips

oro gold reviewsShiny hair is a reflection of healthy hair, while dullness is a sign of damaged hair. There are approximately 100,000 hairs on a single person’s head and each hair shaft has three layers, the cuticle being the outside layer that protects the two inner ones. The scales of the cuticle lie flat and overlap tightly so the inner layers are well protected. This reflects light, which gives hair its shiny appearance. When hair is damaged, however, the scales can separate and hair becomes dry. Because the inner layers are not protected as well, hair can break and look dull.

Another factor to consider is the type of hair you have. Sebum–the natural oil on the hair–covers straight hair better than curly hair, which is why straight hair can appear shinier. Additionally, how well you care for your hair from the time it emerges from the root plays a part. There are hair products available—like Oro Gold products–that help damaged or problem hair be less unruly and appear healthier. The right products can help you take care of your hair for healthier hair and to avoid problems. If you can’t find what you are looking for at your local drugstore, the Oro Gold store offers a variety of new beauty products that may help.

Oro gold reviews some common hair problems and ways to deal with them:


Dandruff–flakes of dead skin–can be noticeable on a person’s hair and clothes. It is uncertain what causes dandruff, although recent studies suggest that it may be caused by a type of fungus or inflammation. Dandruff is not contagious nor is it dangerous. Shampoos containing salicylic acid, zinc, tars, or selenium sulfate can reduce dandruff flakes.

When shampooing, massage the scalp (but don’t scratch) for at least five minutes to loosen the flakes. Rinse hair well afterwards. If your dandruff persists, see your doctor to get a prescription shampoo and possibly some lotion or liquid to rub into the scalp.

Hair Breakage

Hair can break when the points in the hair thicken or weaken. If this happens near the scalp, the person’s hair may never grow very long. If it happens at the ends–called split ends–the splits can travel up the hair shaft. A major cause of hair breakage is due to improper use of chemicals–hair color, perms, and relaxers. Other causes of hair breakage are: combing or brushing hair too often or in the wrong way, using hair extensions and braids, and leaving extensions in too long or pulling them out without professional help.

Hair breakage and dry, brittle hair may be a sign of a medical condition, such as hypothyroidism or an eating disorder. If your hair is breaking even though you don’t over-treat it with chemicals or other styling products, you may want to see your doctor.

Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Most people typically lose about 100 hairs each day as old hair falls out and new hair replaces it. It’s a normal process. However, with hair loss, the hair thins and falls out at a rate that can’t be replaced. When this happens, a person can become bald or have bald patches. Hair loss can be permanent or temporary, depending on the cause. If changing hairstyle or using different products doesn’t help, you may want to see your doctor to discuss prescribed drugs that can slow or stop the process of hair loss and promote hair growth.

As with the skin and the rest of the body, hair is healthier when we follow a healthy diet, exercise, and protect the hair from too much sun. Not using a lot of harsh chemicals and applying the right products, such as the Oro Gold products–can also help.

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EBONY Magazine Raves About OROGOLD Cosmetics

oro gold cosmetics eye serumRecently OROGOLD Cosmetics made a desk side appearance to the editors of EBONY Magazine. After sampling OROGOLD cosmetics, the editors offered rave reviews for OROGOLD, and showcased the new beauty cosmetics in the style section of their magazine.

EBONY is the leading authority for media and social perspectives in the African American Community. EBONY magazine was established over 60 years ago. Since then, EBONY has amassed nearly 11 million readers. The Style section of EBONY magazine is distinguished for its lavish tastes and keen eye for fashion and style. It takes an impressive product line to raise the eyebrows of EBONY editors. But nothing catches a person’s attention like flecks of 24 Karat Gold. Read a portion of the Article from EBONY Style below:

From Momofuku Milk Bar to Orchids from Olay + More!

-Associate Beauty & Grooming Editor Janell Hickman @jmargaretbeauty EBONY Style: Nightlife From the Style Desk: A WEEKLY BEHIND THE SCENES RECAP WITH EBONY MAGAZINE’S STYLE EDITORS, SHARING THEIR FAVORITE FÊTES, PREVIEWS AND MOST FASHIONABLE HAPPENINGS! “…Orogold Cosmetics Deskside The cold weather made it less than ideal to venture out for any beauty previews, so I’m always thankful for desk sides. [Editor’s Note: Desk sides are when beauty brands come to the office to present their latest offerings.] I’m always down for a glamorous skincare regiment too, so when Orogold shared that their products contained flecks of 24K gold, they had my attention. Did you know that gold as an active ingredient can help your skin improve its firmness, elasticity and combat the affects of sun damage? For more info, check out orogoldcosmetics.com. – J.H….” Read the Full Article from EBONY Magazine HERE

Our body is made up of neurons that electronically fire messages from one another. Because of the electricity pulsing through our body, Gold, a precious metal and conductor, can perform as a small charger rejuvenating the elasticity of our skin tissue. Think of it as recharging the skin cells. This is how OROGOLD Cosmetics. is able to firm the skin, add elasticity, and remove the signs of aging.

orogold cosmetics reviews

Appreciating OROGOLD Cosmetics

24k gold facial products orogold cosmetics

Today, OROGOLD Cosmetics provide consumers cosmetic products that are both effective and affordable. What makes their products so special, you say? All of it contains specks of 24 karat gold! Thousands of years back, Egyptians were known to use gold as a daily skin treatment that would make them face radiant and younger looking. Gold facials were also done by ancient Indians who believed that gold contains skin firming properties that would make their face free from wrinkles. Aside from those mentioned above, Romans also believed that gold was a medically important mineral as it speeds up healing of skin lesions and wounds. Gold was known to have anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which cover a wide range of skin and body ailments. With these known properties of gold, OROGOLD Cosmetics also made thorough research studies to create the best skin treatment using pure gold  and other botanicals.

A Selection of OROGOLD  Cosmetics

After years of research and experiments done by only the best cosmetologists and scientists, OROGOLD Cosmetics launched its long list of products that ensure us smoother and more illuminating skin. OROGOLD is mainly manufactured and distributed by the Mazal Enterprise which has been an aggressive company present in the domestic market since 2002. The main office of the Mazal Enterprise is located in Los Angeles, California and is known to be one of the largest retail distributors nationwide. With such a trustworthy company that works beside OROGOLD Cosmetics, their products are surely reliable and safe to be used by all. Aside from its mother company, they were also able to make a name in the cosmetic industry. Orogold Cosmetics was recently featured in a Market Wired article that labels OROGOLD as the leading skin care line among hundreds of celebrities, public figures and politicians. Read more about it here Oro Gold Cosmetics Named the Leading Skin Care Product Brand Amongst Celebrities.

Categories of OROGOLD Products

Offering the public with a variety of effective cosmetic products made with gold is one of the goals of OROGOLD Cosmetics. Catering a specific skin dilemma, OROGOLD has formulated the daily essentials, eye care, collagen series, bionic series, bio brightening series, DMAE series, oil control series and collagen series. Under each category are products that work together to solve a certain skin problem. OROGOLD Cosmetics have also ensured that these products are not only used by women but by men as well. They have also created 24k gold facial products that are solely for guys. Its products primarily work by stripping away damaged skin cells and renewing layers of our skin with even just the first use. Both men and women, young and old, desire to maintain or enhance the beauty of their skin. With OROGOLD Cosmetics creating these types of products like  body scrub, looking your very best is within reach.

OROGOLD in the Online Community

oro gold body scrubHaving products sold in local stores is not enough to be able to reach a lot of consumers. Instead of spending so much time, money and effort in buying 24k gold facial products in offline stores, we could just visit the Oro Gold website and choose whatever products we desire to purchase. With such attractive graphics and design, OROGOLD’s website will definitely be a trend on the internet. Their website includes necessary information about products that are sold and positive comments from actual users! Monthly promotions are also given by OROGOLD like Orogold body scrub to consumers who desire to buy in bulk; they could get even get up to 50% discount. A 10% discount is also generously given to consumers who could refer OROGOLD to a friend or family. The Contact Us page could also help us with regards to asking questions that have been tickling our mind. Finding and buying OROGOLD online has never been this easy and beneficial!

ORO GOLD Cosmetics Products: Skin Care Today

oro gold cosmeticWith the dawn of new synthetically made products from other companies, OROGOLD Cosmetics has decided to stick with its natural ways of skin beautification.  Today, OROGOLD Cosmetics is seen and is being used in all the seven continents of the world, a fitting testament to how well it has become as a manufacturer. It has surpassed all odds and is now trying to make a league of its own with the fact that it has been the very best in its business these recent years. For OROGOLD the process has never changed. Study each product to its most ultimate contents and perfect it before putting it out for sale. And very same as before, they still continue to take into consideration every single comment or feedback a user gives, so as to keep improvement going on and on.

Numerous OROGOLD Cosmetics’ Products

OROGOLD Cosmetics has released numerous products in the market, from the earlier 24k creams to the most recent 24k kits and packages. Each and every product is being scientifically studied and tested countless times before its sale. Almost all of its products also include 24k gold which has again and again been proven to have age defying and wrinkle removing effects by improving our body’s circulation and skin regeneration. The numerous products have different functions from simple sun blocks to those age defying ones. They’re also a great number of products that are available for use by all ages as it have both curative, regenerative effects and skin protective effects usually as a natural sun block. No matter how perfect a product may seem it still has to go a lot more improvements as claimed by ORO GOLD Cosmetics who takes great pride in its work to improve the products which may be considered best by some reviews.

Shopping with OROGOLD Cosmetics

reviews on oro gold cosmeticsPurchasing ORO GOLD products has always been relatively easy. It has always been available in leading super marts across the whole world. It can also be purchased from certified distributors who have shown genuine intent to spread the magic to other people. The newly structured internet product sales and purchasing of products of the company also allows a buyer to actually buy products through the internet in the comforts of their own home. There was also a recent addition to its services, as users are now able to adjust a product’s specification in order to suit the certain qualities one would like to get from a cosmetic product. With this upward trend that the company is having, it is possible to see that in a very few years its products would be constantly out of stock in the market due to extremely high demand rates.

Benefits with OROGOLD Cosmetics

The advantage one receives from patronizing OROGOLD Cosmetics is limitless. You get the most beautiful skin you have, you don’t have to worry about any side effects and it is extremely cost efficient. All these claims have been verified by almost all its users as they have always stated that they get the desired results in times faster than they ever thought of. Some claim that the results are even better than what one can imagine! Remarkably, OROGOLD Cosmetics has maintained a very high customer satisfaction rate among its increase in number of products. It has also maintained a stranglehold at the top of the lowest side effect incidence rate battle, something that proves that their products are extremely safe for use based on reviews on oro gold cosmetics. With these numbers before us, it only tells us that with OROGOLD you get the very best benefits without giving your body undue harm from side effects.

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Are OROGOLD Cosmetics Effective

orogold cosmetics

As the trend setter in producing the best cosmetic products in recent years, OROGOLD Cosmetics have proven time and time again that its efficiency is head and shoulders above its closest rivals. It boasts of a very high customer satisfaction rating, which is a testament to how efficient its products are. To go along with what an impressive efficiency rating has been already, are the claims of its users that it is also very cost effective claiming that it is better to invest more and get real results than invest with other products at lesser amounts but forever wait for its results. Everything goes back to the tedious scientific approach we use for each and every product that the company uses in order to give the best products for its most valued consumers. With OROGOLD Cosmetics, you do not only see the results yourself, people who never even know you use such would also see results, thereby verifying that the results are real and not just placebos.

Long List of OROGOLD Cosmetics

OROGOLD Cosmetics’ products are truly many and its number increases every single year but it does not give up quality for quantity. They claim that every single new product introduced officially released by their company to this day has gone through the very same scientific processes older products that came before they passed through. This is verified by the continued positive feedback it has received from its users and the consistently high customer satisfaction rating it has always received. This is the exact reason why these products are somewhat more expensive than others because they would not want to give up quality for lower price rates. Almost every product of the OROGOLD Cosmetics also contains 24k gold, which has been tested and proven to have age defying and wrinkle removing qualities by virtue of improving the circulatory process and by improving skin regeneration making skin repair faster.

Procuring OROGOLD Cosmetics

oro cosmeticsPurchasing these treasured products is very easy. OROGOLD Cosmetics’ products are almost readily available in almost all leading super marts in the world’s seven continents. Recently, it is also already available in the internet wherein you can actually purchase the products in the comforts of your own home, and definitely just a click away. Also as part of its expansion and new service program, you can now purchase OROGOLD Cosmetics products the way you want to. With the new custom ordering service you can actually fit products to your own special specifications. However, its prices as a whole are not very low, but it promises maximum cost effectiveness, making sure that their products are indeed worth every single cent you spent for it. With its increasing number of users and due to all these improvements made by the company, as long as this increasing trend keeps on rising, it won’t be long before it runs short on our markets.

OROGOLD Cosmetics Within Reach

All of the products of OROGOLD Cosmetics are extremely in reach. It’s just a click away for all those with an internet connection as you can easily buy desired products on the net and have them delivered at your doorstep. It is also readily available in almost all leading super marts here and abroad, furthermore, you can also purchase products from certified distributors of OROGOLD cosmetics. For more details and have a quick look at its products you can always visit its website at www.orogoldcosmeticsreview.com. Prices may again not come at cheap at first look but it is certainly cost effective, and will give you your desired results far faster than other products. It also promises a very low side effect incidence as long as used as directed and that use is steadily ongoing. People have then again, claimed that OROGOLD Cosmetics’ products are indeed effective and worth every penny you pay for it.

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All About OROGOLD Cosmetics

orogold cosmetics


The Orogold Cosmetics company has been considered both a trend setter and a pioneer when it comes to their creation of anti aging skin care and beauty cosmetics products. For the past few years Oro Gold has garnished high customer satisfaction ratings throughout the world. Scientist, beauticians, Doctors and other experts have, by means of extensive research, determined that Orogold cosmetics are safe to use. Furthermore, they also help to restore and rejuvenate the skin.

Orogold takes great pride in all of the natural skin products they develop and put on the market. This can be seen in all the testing and research they use in their cosmetics line to maintain and increase efficiency and maximum positive results. The concept of Orogold Cosmetics using real gold in all of their commodities makes an immense difference. Experts agree that because pure gold is not affected by exposure to air or to most chemical agents which can cause damage to your skin and face, it can help to regenerate and revitalize your skin cells.

 Effectiveness of OROGOLD Cosmetics

One of the reasons Orogold Cosmetics products receive so many positive reviews and accolades all around the world is based in part on their innovative infusion of real 24K gold into the products they produce. This groundbreaking ingenuity was achieved by some of the world’s top cosmetologist, Doctors, and scientist working together to find the right mixture of ingredients, antioxidants and minerals. The inventiveness behind their work has led to Orogold’s high customer satisfaction ratings all over many sites in the internet as well as on the news. Orogold has also become the favorite cosmetics line used by many of today’s Hollywood movie stars. . However, Orogold has made sure that their Orogold cosmetics prices remain affordable and inexpensive. Orogold is quickly becoming a household name and brand since they now have more than 100 stores throughout the world today. In fact, Oro Gold Cosmetics are considered to have some of  the best beauty products  on the market today as found in recent articles online.


The Secret behind OROGOLD Cosmetics

Does gold have curative effects? Can pure gold help to restore your skin’s natural ability to fight old age and other negative elements which can hurt and damage your skin? Experts believe the answers to those questions be yes and that clues can be found in historical records and scientific research. These historical documents tell us that queens and kings used gold as a means to uphold and maintain their beauty and as way retain their skin’s  youthfulness. One of the most notable instances chronicled are those of Egyptian queen Cleopatra. It is believed that the beautiful queen loved the miraculous element. According to history, Cleopatra slept with a gold mask on her face every night as a skin care cream in order to enhance her enchanting beauty and help her maintain her juvenility.


Orogold Cosmetics skin care line has a vast wide range of cosmetics products available in the market for everyone to enjoy. Some of the products are produced for specific skin conditions. There are those that target advancing years and are made with age defying particles and vitamins. Others work to remove wrinkles, smile lines or can be used for skin tightening solutions. Orogold also has products for both genders as well as different age groups. Whatever your skin care specific need may be, Orogold probably has a product for you. The end result though is basically the same as all of the Orogold cosmetics produce curative effects. When it comes to restoring natural skin glowing properties, Orogold Cosmetics have been proven to be the best in the market today.