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Rejuvenate Your Skin with Oro Gold Products Not Plastic Surgery

oro goldEveryone has a similar story.  You wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and the person staring back at you looks older.  We all age, it is one of life’s guarantees.  Some age more gracefully than others, sooner or later, wrinkles catch up with everyone.  That is, of course, if you do not have an effective anti-aging Oro Gold skin care routine.  Many people believe that once wrinkles happen, it is too late to start a skin care regime and they go straight to the knife.  Even if you already have wrinkles, whether they are only fine lines or deeper folds, Oro Gold formulas can transform your skin and is a safe and effective alternative to the unpredictable complications of plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery is Surgery

Although it is for aesthetic purposes and is an elective procedure, you can not forget that plastic surgery is: surgery.  And along with this surgery comes all the risks and uncertainties of any surgery.  Almost all plastic surgeries require the patients to go under an anesthetic.  Although this is a common practice in hospitals across the country, there is always a risk when going under.  Instead of taking this risk, you could simply use Oro Gold products to return your skin to its youthful state.

Unpredictable Results

Even the best plastic surgeons in the world cannot predict the outcome of every surgery they perform.  A quick internet search will produce all kinds of plastic surgery horror stories and pictures.  Someone goes in for plastic surgery simply wanting to regain a youthful appearance and ends up looking like a melted, disproportionate Barbie doll.  Of course, not all surgeries end in the patient looking like a hot mess, but the possibility is always present.  You could eliminate the risk completely by simply finding the right combination of Oro Gold products to care for your specific skin type and skin needs.

No “Recovery Time”

One major negative of plastic surgery is the amount of time it takes to recover.  During this time, your body will be sore and swollen.  If you do not want anyone to know that you had cosmetic surgery, then you are going to have to stay in hiding during your recovery time.  And it is impossible to tell how the surgery went until the swelling subsides.  If there is an issue, you may have to go back, which would extend your recovery time even further.

Opt for Luxurious Skin Care Not Surgery

Instead of the cold, sterile environment of the operating room, choose the comfort and convenience of your own bathroom.  Science has progressed so much in the anti-aging skin care field that high quality formulas can offer the same results that having cosmetic surgery can produce.  Only you don’t have to go into hiding or assume the risks and expense of elective surgery.

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OROGOLD Moisturizer Recommended for Women in their 50’s

OROGOLD 24k Bio-Brightening Skin Tone MoisturizerWhen it comes to achieving radiant and youthful looking skin, there are three crucial skin care tips to keep in mind. The first is to maintain a nutritious diet and live a healthy lifestyle. The second is to avoid sun exposure. And the third is to purchase not only the most effective skin care products, but also the appropriate skin care products for your age.

Our skin goes through many changes as we age. The obvious changes are visibly noticeable, like the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, or the loss of firmness and luster. But there are also many physiological changes our skin goes through. As we age, our skin loses its ability to produce elastin and its collagen production begins to lag. Fortunately, Orogold Cosmetics knows what causes skin to age in appearance and specially formulates its products to treat fine lines and wrinkles, while also restoring the cellular structure of the skin and other physiological damages inherited with aging.

Nicole Gray, a local beauty expert in the Dallas Texas area and owner of “Kiss and Makeup” appeared on a local news segment of “The Broadcast called “Skincare for Any Age.”

The segment discussed the many changes skin goes through with aging. Nicole Gray pointed out that since our skin changes as we age, our skin care routine should change as well. For women in the older age groups, Gray suggested they use OROGOLD’s 24K Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer.

Read the segment “Skincare for Any Age” below:


“When it comes to skin care, we’re always looking for the next best product to help me look younger. But we find there’s so many products out there that may work for younger women but not for those of us over a certain age.

Here with some ideas for every age was Nicole Gray, owner of Kiss & Make-Up.”

Click here to Watch the televised Broadcast “Skincare for Any Age.


Gray promoted OROGOLD’s 24k Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer saying “this product is very unique” because of the dominant ingredient of 24 Karat Gold. “Gold,” Gray explained, “has a lot of natural values for your skin.” She also complimented Orogold’s infusion of Vitamins A and E into its Bio-Brightening moisturizer. Gray knows that older skin loses its healthy glow, that’s why Gray recommends women in their 50’s use OROGOLD 24k Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer, assuring that OROGOLD is specially formulated to be the best beauty product for aging skin, leaving  “a dazzling radiance to your skin because of the gold.”

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Oro Gold Reveals How to Return the Look of Youth to Aging Skin

Beauty and Skin Care TipsThere are many factors that cause our skin to appear older. Some of these factors are naturally caused by genetics. There are other outside factors, however, that can age the skin as well. In combination these factors work to make the skin appear older than it is. You can return the look of youth to aging skin with OroGold Cosmetics products.

Two different types of aging affect the skin and cause it to look older. Intrinsic aging is caused by genetics whereas extrinsic aging is caused by outside forces. While there is not much that can be done to prevent intrinsic aging, there are several preventative measures that you can take to reduce the extrinsic aging of the skin.

One of the major causes of extrinsic aging is the sun. This photoaging causes premature wrinkles, spots, spider veins, as well as rough and leathery skin. It occurs over a period of years, and any unprotected exposure to the sun’s rays can contribute. Oro Gold Cosmetics has developed a formula in the Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum that can help reverse the signs of this photoaging so that skin appears as vital and beautiful as possible.

The appearance of the skin is also determined by lifestyle factors. Whether or not you smoke and even the position in which you sleep can determine the look of your skin. Smoking causes biochemical changes that accelerate aging. If you rest your head on the pillow in the same way every night you will also notice the development of wrinkles. Oro Gold recognizes these factors and has developed high quality products  to help minimize the effects of aging brought on by life itself.

Believe it or not, your facial expressions can make a difference in the aging of your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles can develop from repetitive facial movements. This is because every time a facial muscle is used it leaves a groove in the skin. Youthful, elastic skin is able to easily spring back into shape, but as the skin ages and loses elasticity the lines become permanent. Even something as natural as gravity can have an effect on the skin. As the elasticity in the skin becomes depleted, gravity has more and more of an effect and can cause the skin to droop and sag. Restoring elasticity helps to reduce these effects.

Oro Gold reviews can help you determine the product that is right for your needs. With the right regimen and care, you can return the look of youth to aging skin. Despite lifestyle factors and the effects of natural aging, taking care of your skin will help you to look younger and will also make sure that your skin is as healthy as it can be.