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Appreciating OROGOLD Cosmetics

24k gold facial products orogold cosmetics

Today, OROGOLD Cosmetics provide consumers cosmetic products that are both effective and affordable. What makes their products so special, you say? All of it contains specks of 24 karat gold! Thousands of years back, Egyptians were known to use gold as a daily skin treatment that would make them face radiant and younger looking. Gold facials were also done by ancient Indians who believed that gold contains skin firming properties that would make their face free from wrinkles. Aside from those mentioned above, Romans also believed that gold was a medically important mineral as it speeds up healing of skin lesions and wounds. Gold was known to have anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which cover a wide range of skin and body ailments. With these known properties of gold, OROGOLD Cosmetics also made thorough research studies to create the best skin treatment using pure gold  and other botanicals.

A Selection of OROGOLD  Cosmetics

After years of research and experiments done by only the best cosmetologists and scientists, OROGOLD Cosmetics launched its long list of products that ensure us smoother and more illuminating skin. OROGOLD is mainly manufactured and distributed by the Mazal Enterprise which has been an aggressive company present in the domestic market since 2002. The main office of the Mazal Enterprise is located in Los Angeles, California and is known to be one of the largest retail distributors nationwide. With such a trustworthy company that works beside OROGOLD Cosmetics, their products are surely reliable and safe to be used by all. Aside from its mother company, they were also able to make a name in the cosmetic industry. Orogold Cosmetics was recently featured in a Market Wired article that labels OROGOLD as the leading skin care line among hundreds of celebrities, public figures and politicians. Read more about it here Oro Gold Cosmetics Named the Leading Skin Care Product Brand Amongst Celebrities.

Categories of OROGOLD Products

Offering the public with a variety of effective cosmetic products made with gold is one of the goals of OROGOLD Cosmetics. Catering a specific skin dilemma, OROGOLD has formulated the daily essentials, eye care, collagen series, bionic series, bio brightening series, DMAE series, oil control series and collagen series. Under each category are products that work together to solve a certain skin problem. OROGOLD Cosmetics have also ensured that these products are not only used by women but by men as well. They have also created 24k gold facial products that are solely for guys. Its products primarily work by stripping away damaged skin cells and renewing layers of our skin with even just the first use. Both men and women, young and old, desire to maintain or enhance the beauty of their skin. With OROGOLD Cosmetics creating these types of products like  body scrub, looking your very best is within reach.

OROGOLD in the Online Community

oro gold body scrubHaving products sold in local stores is not enough to be able to reach a lot of consumers. Instead of spending so much time, money and effort in buying 24k gold facial products in offline stores, we could just visit the Oro Gold website and choose whatever products we desire to purchase. With such attractive graphics and design, OROGOLD’s website will definitely be a trend on the internet. Their website includes necessary information about products that are sold and positive comments from actual users! Monthly promotions are also given by OROGOLD like Orogold body scrub to consumers who desire to buy in bulk; they could get even get up to 50% discount. A 10% discount is also generously given to consumers who could refer OROGOLD to a friend or family. The Contact Us page could also help us with regards to asking questions that have been tickling our mind. Finding and buying OROGOLD online has never been this easy and beneficial!