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Interview With Oro Gold Spokesperson Denise Richards

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oro goldOk! Magazine, a respected source for celebrity news recently interviewed Denise Richards, the star of the hit show Twisted. OK! Magazine was interested in Ms. Richards recent partnership with Oro Gold Cosmetics as the luxury skincare brand’s official spokesperson.

A portion of the article and interview from OK! Magazine can be found below:

5 Minutes With Denise Richards: The Star Talks Beauty Secrets And Her Show, Twisted.

By Kelli Acciardo

“So, it turns out Denise Richards hasn’t aged one bit and that’s probably because of her latest cosmetic collab. I hung out with the Twisted star at the opening of OROGOLD’s new flagship store in NYC (Denise is the face of the luxe beauty brand) and chatted anti-aging secrets and crazy cool masks—read on to see what keeps her skin looking so incredible!…

OK!: So what inspired you to partner with OROGOLD around their new flagship store opening?

DR: I’m very excited to partner with them because the products actually work. I am very particular about what I put on my skin and I was amazed at the difference the products made on my skin in a short time. My skin felt like it was glowing and the products minimize lines.

OK!: What are some of your favorite OROGOLDproducts?

DR: I love the night serum in the Nano line. I also love the eye creams—I’ve tried all of them and they’re amazing. The Termica Energizing Mask is like unlike any mask that I’ve ever used—you put it on and it actually heats up your skin. And then there is a serum you put on top of it and it cools it down. The products help with repairing fine lines and pores  and the vitamin C line is great too…”

Read the full article here.

Denise Richards, like many other Hollywood Celebrities was originally attracted to the Oro Gold Skincare line because of its trademark ingredient of 24 karat gold. Gold has been applied topically to the skin through out history for its miraculous anti-aging properities.


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