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orogold cosmetics store

ORO GOLD Cosmetics Opening Store in Miami

orogold cosmetics store

Orogold Cosmetics, the leading manufacturer of luxurious skincare products that provide younger looking skin, is coming to Miami. The grand opening of Miami’s first Orogold Cosmetics store is listed in the local events sections on The Miami Event is described as follows:

Grand Opening of Orogold Cosmetics

Friday, Jun 21 4:00p to 8:00p

Dadeland MallMiami, FL

“OROGOLD Cosmetics invites you to tour the stunning new boutique at their first ever Miami location. Enjoy music, light food fare, a champagne toast, gold inspired treats, and skin consultations and treatments with 24K Gold anti-aging, luxury products.”

To learn more details about the grand opening of Orogold’s Miami location click here.

Orogold Cosmetics is a leading skin care line that is particularly known for its staple ingredient of 24 karat gold. Nano gold particles are specially infused into every Orogold Cosmetics product. Gold is a powerful antioxidant for the skin and has miraculous restorative properties that can erase the signs of aging and heal damage caused by sun exposure.

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Interview With Oro Gold Spokesperson Denise Richards

oro goldOk! Magazine, a respected source for celebrity news recently interviewed Denise Richards, the star of the hit show Twisted. OK! Magazine was interested in Ms. Richards recent partnership with Oro Gold Cosmetics as the luxury skincare brand’s official spokesperson.

A portion of the article and interview from OK! Magazine can be found below:

5 Minutes With Denise Richards: The Star Talks Beauty Secrets And Her Show, Twisted.

By Kelli Acciardo

“So, it turns out Denise Richards hasn’t aged one bit and that’s probably because of her latest cosmetic collab. I hung out with the Twisted star at the opening of OROGOLD’s new flagship store in NYC (Denise is the face of the luxe beauty brand) and chatted anti-aging secrets and crazy cool masks—read on to see what keeps her skin looking so incredible!…

OK!: So what inspired you to partner with OROGOLD around their new flagship store opening?

DR: I’m very excited to partner with them because the products actually work. I am very particular about what I put on my skin and I was amazed at the difference the products made on my skin in a short time. My skin felt like it was glowing and the products minimize lines.

OK!: What are some of your favorite OROGOLDproducts?

DR: I love the night serum in the Nano line. I also love the eye creams—I’ve tried all of them and they’re amazing. The Termica Energizing Mask is like unlike any mask that I’ve ever used—you put it on and it actually heats up your skin. And then there is a serum you put on top of it and it cools it down. The products help with repairing fine lines and pores  and the vitamin C line is great too…”

Read the full article here.

Denise Richards, like many other Hollywood Celebrities was originally attracted to the Oro Gold Skincare line because of its trademark ingredient of 24 karat gold. Gold has been applied topically to the skin through out history for its miraculous anti-aging properities.


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Denise Richards New Spokesperson for Oro Gold

oro goldOn Wednesday, July 24th, at the Grand Opening of the New York Oro Gold Cosmetics store, the luxury skincare line announced its new spokesperson, Denise Richards.

Denise Richards is a Hollywood actress that got her start working as a model in California. She is most well known for her starring role in the hit television series Twisted.

In a press release put out by Oro Gold Cosmetics, Oro Gold C.E.O. Adi Oded commented “We are thrilled to be able to share the news that Denise Richards is our new spokesperson for OROGOLD Cosmetics…The OROGOLD brand means beauty, elegance, and radiance, which are all things we feel Denise exemplifies on and off the red carpet. This comes at an exciting time for OROGOLD Cosmetics as the company continues to grow.”

To read the full press release check out this PRNewswire “OROGOLD Cosmetics Announces New Spokesperson Denise Richards.”

Oro Gold Cosmetics has quickly become the leading skin care line of choice for many of Hollywood’s celebrities. The luxurious anti-aging skin care collection from Oro Gold is distinguished by the special infusion of 24 karat gold into each of Oro Gold’s products.

Gold has been scientifically shown to possess numerous properties that help skin stimulate collagen and elastin production. Gold is also a powerful antioxidant which encourages cell regeneration for fresher, healthier, younger looking skin.


Harper’s Bazar on Gold Infused Skin Care Products

orogold Harper’s Bazar recently reviewed the growing popularity of infusing skin care formulas with particles of Nano Gold. The article was sure to include statements from the spokeswoman of Orogold Cosmetics, the leading line of skincare products that formulate with 24 Karat Gold.

To read about Harper’s Bazar coverage of the restorative properties of Gold read the article:

“Go For Gold.”


orogold in the press

OROGOLD Moisturizer Recommended for Women in their 50’s

OROGOLD 24k Bio-Brightening Skin Tone MoisturizerWhen it comes to achieving radiant and youthful looking skin, there are three crucial skin care tips to keep in mind. The first is to maintain a nutritious diet and live a healthy lifestyle. The second is to avoid sun exposure. And the third is to purchase not only the most effective skin care products, but also the appropriate skin care products for your age.

Our skin goes through many changes as we age. The obvious changes are visibly noticeable, like the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, or the loss of firmness and luster. But there are also many physiological changes our skin goes through. As we age, our skin loses its ability to produce elastin and its collagen production begins to lag. Fortunately, Orogold Cosmetics knows what causes skin to age in appearance and specially formulates its products to treat fine lines and wrinkles, while also restoring the cellular structure of the skin and other physiological damages inherited with aging.

Nicole Gray, a local beauty expert in the Dallas Texas area and owner of “Kiss and Makeup” appeared on a local news segment of “The Broadcast called “Skincare for Any Age.”

The segment discussed the many changes skin goes through with aging. Nicole Gray pointed out that since our skin changes as we age, our skin care routine should change as well. For women in the older age groups, Gray suggested they use OROGOLD’s 24K Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer.

Read the segment “Skincare for Any Age” below:


“When it comes to skin care, we’re always looking for the next best product to help me look younger. But we find there’s so many products out there that may work for younger women but not for those of us over a certain age.

Here with some ideas for every age was Nicole Gray, owner of Kiss & Make-Up.”

Click here to Watch the televised Broadcast “Skincare for Any Age.


Gray promoted OROGOLD’s 24k Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer saying “this product is very unique” because of the dominant ingredient of 24 Karat Gold. “Gold,” Gray explained, “has a lot of natural values for your skin.” She also complimented Orogold’s infusion of Vitamins A and E into its Bio-Brightening moisturizer. Gray knows that older skin loses its healthy glow, that’s why Gray recommends women in their 50’s use OROGOLD 24k Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer, assuring that OROGOLD is specially formulated to be the best beauty product for aging skin, leaving  “a dazzling radiance to your skin because of the gold.”

Waikiki Oro Gold Cosmetics Stores

Hawaiian Newspaper Raves about Oro Gold Cosmetic Stores

Waikiki Oro Gold Cosmetics StoresOrogold Cosmetics has an international presence with over 100 stores across the globe. After opening a store in Waikiki, a Hawaiian Newspaper The Star Adviser wrote an article in their “Fashion Tribe” section about the Oro Gold Cosmetics Stores. Find out what The Star Adviser has to say about the luxurious store by reading an excerpt from the article below:

Beauty spot: Orogold a Waikiki hit
February 19th, 2013
By Nadine Kam

“Ten months after opening its first outpost in the Outrigger Reef Hotel in Waikiki, Orogold has opened its second boutique, this time at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, celebrating with a grand opening that took place Feb. 15. And come April, the company will be opening at a location on Front Street in Lahaina, Maui.

That’s pretty fast, but understandable in a place where excessive sun and the need for skincare go hand in hand, and there are countless tourists willing to try something new. In this case, creams and serums infused with 24K gold, with prices expectedly on the high end.

Gold has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are said improve circulation and speed up healing, though its skincare benefits are inconclusive. Any skin improvement is more likely to come from the various cream and serum formulations…”

Read the full article here.

Oro Gold Cosmetics Stores offer a truly luxurious experience to its patrons. Oro gold products are also sold online, providing everyone with the opportunity to capitalize on the amazing rejuvenating results that 24 karat gold skin care products offer.

orogold cosmetics

EBONY Magazine Raves About OROGOLD Cosmetics

oro gold cosmetics eye serumRecently OROGOLD Cosmetics made a desk side appearance to the editors of EBONY Magazine. After sampling OROGOLD cosmetics, the editors offered rave reviews for OROGOLD, and showcased the new beauty cosmetics in the style section of their magazine.

EBONY is the leading authority for media and social perspectives in the African American Community. EBONY magazine was established over 60 years ago. Since then, EBONY has amassed nearly 11 million readers. The Style section of EBONY magazine is distinguished for its lavish tastes and keen eye for fashion and style. It takes an impressive product line to raise the eyebrows of EBONY editors. But nothing catches a person’s attention like flecks of 24 Karat Gold. Read a portion of the Article from EBONY Style below:

From Momofuku Milk Bar to Orchids from Olay + More!

-Associate Beauty & Grooming Editor Janell Hickman @jmargaretbeauty EBONY Style: Nightlife From the Style Desk: A WEEKLY BEHIND THE SCENES RECAP WITH EBONY MAGAZINE’S STYLE EDITORS, SHARING THEIR FAVORITE FÊTES, PREVIEWS AND MOST FASHIONABLE HAPPENINGS! “…Orogold Cosmetics Deskside The cold weather made it less than ideal to venture out for any beauty previews, so I’m always thankful for desk sides. [Editor’s Note: Desk sides are when beauty brands come to the office to present their latest offerings.] I’m always down for a glamorous skincare regiment too, so when Orogold shared that their products contained flecks of 24K gold, they had my attention. Did you know that gold as an active ingredient can help your skin improve its firmness, elasticity and combat the affects of sun damage? For more info, check out – J.H….” Read the Full Article from EBONY Magazine HERE

Our body is made up of neurons that electronically fire messages from one another. Because of the electricity pulsing through our body, Gold, a precious metal and conductor, can perform as a small charger rejuvenating the elasticity of our skin tissue. Think of it as recharging the skin cells. This is how OROGOLD Cosmetics. is able to firm the skin, add elasticity, and remove the signs of aging.