42 thoughts on “Oro Gold Cosmetics Needs You

  1. 1. 24K Nano Day Recovery
    2. Black
    3. The simplicity and elegance of the package and the good quality components.

  2. Glamazon Oro Gold Contest
    1. 24K Deep Peeling- it has a nice shape and colour.
    2. GOLD!!! I love the gold bottles– they are so pretty and are very unique to other skin care products.
    3. Adding gold or diamonds to a product definitely makes it more luxurous! As well as that, advertising and spokespeople add to the level of esteem a product has.

  3. The Nano Gold 24k recovery

    I love the black color with the rounded shape on #3

    The packaging of a product says a lot but I also think the ingredients matter more.

  4. 24K Cryogenic Restoration Creame. The silver and round make up appeals to me the most. The color and actual product, along with the price.

  5. 1. 24K Nano Day Recovery
    2. the round shape and the colors gold and black.
    3. Simple and elegant design that incorporates rich colors like gold and jewel tones like sapphire blue.

  6. 1. 24K Deep Peeling

    2. The gold color and spherical design of the 24K Deep Peeling appeal to me the most.

    3. A product looks luxurious if the package is understated but makes good use of complimentary colors and eye-catching fonts.

  7. 1. answer: 24k cryogenic Restoration cream
    2. answer: I liked the simple shape & standard shape of 24k cryogenic Restoration cream
    3. answer: Good looking product packet catches customers eyes first & hit their psychology to be believed.

  8. 1. 24K CyrogeniC Restoration Cream
    2. Silver with a rectangular or square lines.
    3. An elegant yet simple package that doesn’t include a lot of clutter. Also, the benefits of the product should be clearly displayed.

  9. 1. 24k Deep peeling
    2. Black
    3. Quality of the product….

    Additional…do you guys offer travel size packages of your products? Would hate to travel by plane and not have your products in my hands :)

  10. 1. I think the 24K Nano Day Recovery
    2. The shape and color of the 24K Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer
    3. The presentation of the bottles and the website itself. Its very classy.

  11. The 24K Deep Peeling caught my eye first. I think it’s that its gold color makes it tie in seamlessly with the words in the brand of Oro Gold. I like its egg-ey shape too! Really sleek. I think a combo of good package design and color, like how these display, makes something look luxurious.

    Hope you get the feedback you want for this competition and much luck to the winners!

  12. 1. The 24K Nano Day Recovery was the first product to catch my eye.
    2. The shape of the 24K Deep Peeling was the most appealing, while the color combination of black and gold in the 24K Day Recovery was more appealing than an all black or all gold packaging.
    3. Sleek packaging that is clearly labeled without an overflow of words with good quality ingredients inside makes a product appealing.

  13. 1) 24K multi-vitamin moisturizer
    2) 24K Cryongenic Restoration Cream packaging
    3) Metallic accents, clean lines, sleek fonts

  14. 1. 24K Nano Day Recovery
    2. Black color but small round jar.
    3. The 24k gold definitely gives the product an air of exclusivity.

  15. 1. 24K Nano Day Recovery
    2. Gold/Sphere
    3. For me its a combination of the packaging, minimal verbiage on the actual product and sleek fonts.

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