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Orogold Cosmetics Manicure Tips and Kit

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nail kit from orogold cosmeticsDo you find yourself envying the nails of your cashier, your waitress, your friends, or anybody that looks like they put some time and effort into their nails.  A nice, polished look does not have to come from the nail salon.  In fact, the best manicures can be achieved right at home.  With the right products from Orogold Cosmetics and a little time, you can have the nails that others will envy.

First, why not give your hands a little love.  We put them through so much, and other than using Orogold Cosmetics skin care products, really give them the restorative attention they deserve.  One easy way to give your whole hand a feeling of renewal is with paraffin wax treatment.  This method is cost efficient and can be easily done at home.

You need to buy a block of paraffin wax, which you can easily find in large grocery stores with canning supplies.  One of its other uses is to coat the top of jam jars.  If you want to add an aroma to your paraffin wax dip, purchase an essential oil to your liking.  You can really never go wrong with lavender.

First, you are going to put your wax and oils into a saucepan to mix and melt.  Once it has, our the mixture into a large bowl; at least large enough for you to dip your hands in.  Allow the wax to cool a bit. Whenever you see a skin forming on the top of the wax, it should be ready to use.  After thoroughly washing your hands, dip them one at a time into the mixture, withdrawing it completely each time.  If you’ve ever played with a candle, you know that wax hardens pretty quickly.  You are going to repeatedly dip your hands in the wax, building layer upon layer.  You are then going to sit with your hands like this for about a half an hour.  When you peel away the layers, you will reveal softer hands.

Now that your hands are taken care of, it is time to focus on your nails. The paraffin wax should have gone a long way in cleaning your hand and removing dirt under your nails, but if you skipped the wax, cleaning and soaking is where you should begin.  As well as removing old nail polish.

Your cuticles are located at the bottom of your nail, where it meets your skin.  They protect your skin around your nails from bacteria.  If you go to a manicurist, more than likely they will remove your cuticles, but this really isn’t necessary.  If you want that clean look, you can achieve the same thing by just pushing the cuticles back.

Now the fun part.  Choose what kind of look you would like for your nails: a solid polish, a design, a french manicure.  If you plan on wearing these nails to work, you may want to opt for a more neutral palette.  But if these are for a special occasion, get wild with color and design!  As long as you have an Orogold Cosmetics Manicure set, doing your nails is easy and the result is beautiful.