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Oro Gold Cosmetics: Celebrating National Spa Week with these Home Spa Treatments

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With all the extra work piling up at the job, at school, and around the house, the stress can accumulate and wreak havoc on our appearance and our health.

National Spa Week couldn’t come at a better time during the busy spring season. The editors at fashion blogger remind us that professional spa treatments can give our skin the pampering it needs to rejuvenate from the wear and tear of stressful living.

But spa treatments are expensive, and most of us don’t have the spare time to fit them into our busy schedules. Fortunately, this list of at-home-spa-treatments offers an effective alternative that will give you spa like results, without the spa-like prices.

oro gold cosmetics

The VineVera Nail Kit     

Achieve a salon like manicure with this Nail Kit from VineVera. The nail kit comes with all your manicuring needs along with cuticle oil and VineVera’s famous hand lotion. Their hand lotion is specially formulated with Resveratrol that hydrates while stimulating the collagen synthesis of your skin. Your hands will look younger and feel softer than ever before.


oro gold cosmeticsAnti-Aging Face Cream from MitoQ

MitoQ’s anti-aging face cream is formulated with clinical levels of Ubiquinone. This special ingredient attaches to the mitochondria in the skin and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. MitoQ’s Anti-aging Face Cream will give you Botox like results without any of the needles or hefty cosmetic surgeon bills.



oro gold cosmeticsSuki Exfoliate Body Cleanser

Suki Exfoliate Body Cleanser is the pain free and inexpensive substitution of Laser treatments used to combat cellulite and diminish imperfections of the skin. Suki Exfoliate Body Cleanser is simply applied in the shower. You’ll love how hydrated your skin feels after one application.



oro gold cosmetics thermal maskThe 24k Bionic Complex Thermal Mask

Bring the luxury of a spa facial into the comfort of your own home with the 24k Bionic Complex Thermal Mask from Oro Gold Cosmetics. This thermal mask opens the pores, allowing the micro-particles of colloidal gold to penetrate past all the dirt, oil, and other toxins that clog the skin. The 24k Bionic Complex Thermal Mask will cleanse and hydrate the skin, leaving you with your most youthful radiant looking face yet.