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Show Your Hands and Feet Some Love with Oro Gold

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oro gold skin care for kneesAt Oro Gold Cosmetics, we spend a lot of time creating products for your face, finding ways to preserve the skin’s youth and elasticity. But your skin covers your entire body, and all of it deserves to be preserved and protected. For this, Oro Gold has created Golden Body Butter and Golden Body Scrub. But there are two areas of your body that probably need some extra love when it comes to skin care: your hands and feet!


With sandal season upon us, you are going to want to make sure your feet are smooth and ready to show the world. Don’t get stuck in sneakers all summer because you are embarrassed of the condition of your feet! For individuals who are on their feet all day, you may find that you have callouses or cracked heels. Callouses can also form on hands. Not only are these conditions painful, they aren’t very sandal friendly.

Calluses are areas of thick skin caused from excess friction and primarily happen on hands and feet. If you are constantly on your feet, the constant friction caused by your shoes could lead to calluses. A good pair of shoes is essential to preventing calluses. Even with high quality footwear, calluses may still occur. A warm water bath will soften calluses on the hands and feet. Adding Epsom salts and vinegar to the bath will help the process, but you may need several baths before you see the results.


You know the importance of exfoliating your face, in fact, you probably have Oro Gold products that do just that. But exfoliating your hand and feet will replace the old skin cells with vibrant new skin cells, giving you younger looking hands and feet.

You can make an exfoliant for your hands and feet from sea salt. Pour ¼ cup of water into two cups of sea salt. If you wish, you can add a few drops of an essential oil for a great smell and added benefits. You could also replace the water with olive oil for an added moisturizing effect. This will make a kind of sea salt paste.

Since this may get a little messy and you will have to eventually wash off the salt, you should probably exfoliate in or near the bathtub. First, wet your feet. Take a handful of your salt mixture and start rubbing it into the skin on your feet using small circular motions. After you have covered your feet, take another handful of salt mix and work it into your hand using the same method. After about ten minutes,rinse off the mixture with warm water.

The most important part of an exfoliation is applying a high quality moisturizer from Oro Gold cosmetics afterwards. These new skin cells are going to need some added moisture.  Oro Gold products provides the best skin care for hands and feet available on the market.