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EBONY Magazine Raves About OROGOLD Cosmetics

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oro gold cosmetics eye serumRecently OROGOLD Cosmetics made a desk side appearance to the editors of EBONY Magazine. After sampling OROGOLD cosmetics, the editors offered rave reviews for OROGOLD, and showcased the new beauty cosmetics in the style section of their magazine.

EBONY is the leading authority for media and social perspectives in the African American Community. EBONY magazine was established over 60 years ago. Since then, EBONY has amassed nearly 11 million readers. The Style section of EBONY magazine is distinguished for its lavish tastes and keen eye for fashion and style. It takes an impressive product line to raise the eyebrows of EBONY editors. But nothing catches a person’s attention like flecks of 24 Karat Gold. Read a portion of the Article from EBONY Style below:

From Momofuku Milk Bar to Orchids from Olay + More!

-Associate Beauty & Grooming Editor Janell Hickman @jmargaretbeauty EBONY Style: Nightlife From the Style Desk: A WEEKLY BEHIND THE SCENES RECAP WITH EBONY MAGAZINE’S STYLE EDITORS, SHARING THEIR FAVORITE FÊTES, PREVIEWS AND MOST FASHIONABLE HAPPENINGS! “…Orogold Cosmetics Deskside The cold weather made it less than ideal to venture out for any beauty previews, so I’m always thankful for desk sides. [Editor’s Note: Desk sides are when beauty brands come to the office to present their latest offerings.] I’m always down for a glamorous skincare regiment too, so when Orogold shared that their products contained flecks of 24K gold, they had my attention. Did you know that gold as an active ingredient can help your skin improve its firmness, elasticity and combat the affects of sun damage? For more info, check out orogoldcosmetics.com. – J.H….” Read the Full Article from EBONY Magazine HERE

Our body is made up of neurons that electronically fire messages from one another. Because of the electricity pulsing through our body, Gold, a precious metal and conductor, can perform as a small charger rejuvenating the elasticity of our skin tissue. Think of it as recharging the skin cells. This is how OROGOLD Cosmetics. is able to firm the skin, add elasticity, and remove the signs of aging.